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Featured Listings of Motels for Sale are presented as leased motel businesses for sale, freehold motels for sale and freehold-only investment motels for sale.

Many listings are never made public. For these you’ll need to talk directly to Stefan.

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Motel Investment

Motels attract investors at many levels as business operators, property investors or business operators who own their real estate.

Each has a different return on investment.

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motels4sale is your window into the business of motels and motel investment.

Stefan Vohan, motel broker of motels4sale limited has prepared some basic information as well as some featured listings.

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Recent listings

Motel Villa del Rio – Whangarei

Motel Villa del Rio has 12 very well-presented units: -Studio units, one-bedroom units and a 3-bedroom house Great location near the Whangarei Hospital and close

Midway Motel – Rotorua

Prime corner site in the middle of Rotorua’s Golden Mile Midway Motel offers 15 large family-size units, many of which have been fully renovated Geo

Colonial On Gladstone

This very well presented freehold motel is, as the name says, on Gladstone Road, the “main street” of Gisborne. Built in a typical colonial style,

Camberley Court Motel – Hastings

Camberley Court is a well-presented motel catering for a variety of guests in thirteen well-appointed units from smaller studios up to a 3-bedroom unit. Location