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Motels for Sale

Featured Listings of Motels for Sale are presented as leased motel businesses for sale, freehold motels for sale and freehold-only investment motels for sale.

Many listings are never made public. For these you’ll need to talk directly to Stefan.

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Motel Investment

Motels attract investors at many levels as business operators, property investors or business operators who own their real estate.

Each has a different return on investment.

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motels4sale is your window into the business of motels and motel investment.

Stefan Vohan, motel broker of motels4sale limited has prepared some basic information as well as some featured listings.

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Recent listings

Cascades Lakefront Motel – Taupo

Here’s an ideally located motel business – on the lake-front with plenty of leisure opportunities for your guests to experience. Large, comfortable, well-appointed rooms with

Totara Lodge Motel – Levin

Small easily-run motel with steady/growing income Quiet off-highway & railway location Closest motel to town centre Walk to all amenities 6 spotlessly presented units Cosy,

Marton Motel – Marton

A small easily-run motel with great steady income 6 comfortable, very well presented units Steady business/worker clientele and local boarding schools A quiet off-highway stop