Why Motels?

Motels offer a unique opportunity to combine the investment you might have in your home with that you’d invest in a business.

Motels operate mostly as a cash business where guests settle on departure eliminating any debt collection issues.

There are considerable cost and tax benefits of “free” living and working from the same location.

Many people choosing the motel industry are couples who have worked separately and now want to work to build a business together only answering to each other as Boss.

What does a motelier do?

If you’ve stayed at motels you’d know that a motelier checks-in guests, provides a clean room, breakfast if you want it and collects your money when you leave.

Turning that around, the motelier needs to maintain the property, turn dirty rooms into clean ones with the help of part-time cleaners, provide breakfasts and maintain simple business practices like account and marketing. Usually a husband and wife will bring different strengths to the business.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

The motel business is very simple requiring only a generous amount of common sense. You are providing a “home away from home” for your guests.

Welcome them. Make them feel you value them, and give them of your best – clean comfortable rooms where everything looks right and functions as it should.

Too Simple?

Perhaps the above has given you a brief glimpse of the motel business. I’m sure a chapter could be written about each sentence above but you didn’t visit my site to read a book.

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